New staff, new friends…….amazing team

A few weeks ago, we were blessed with amazing new staff here at Bulikimu KisoBOKa. It’s always good to meet new people who are in full support of what KisoBOKa is doing in the Community of KIMASA. Peruth, Nathan and Maureen are three such people!

DSC00377-cMeet Peruth

My name is Peruth Nakasaikya working in the Department of Social Work – Rehabilitation at Bulikimu KisoBOKa. I am thirty two years old, married with two children nine and three. I started working here a few weeks back and the whole experience with the boys in the rehabilitation house, and those on the street is both fun and challenging. But because of my love for my work and job, I have been able to execute my tasks on a daily basis very well. I am very glad to be part of this great team at KisoBOKa.



DSC00368-c Nathan

My name is Nathan Kasharu. I am a young resident (25) of Kayunga-Mafubira. I have been contracted by Bulikimu KisoBOKa as a social worker in the Department of Education. My responsibility is all around the Community Learning Center of Bulikimu KisoBOKa. I’m glad to be part of Bulikimu-KisoBOKa in the effort to creating sustainable community development for everybody.


And Maureen

I’m Maureen Kunya. I’m 27, and have lived in Jinja, Uganda most of my life. I’m DSC00392-cchristian, I love life, music, family and people! It’s been just a few weeks at KisoBOKa but I already feel at home. My work as a social worker for empowerment/program assistant is very interesting with challenges that are opening my eyes to a whole new outlook on life. The KisoBOKa family has been very welcoming and helpful. The KIMASA community is welcoming and friendly and so beautifully open hearted. I am looking forward to the rest of this experience.


Your welcome Peruth, Nathan and Maureen, we are blessed to have you and are looking forward to working with you!